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Dear Parishioners,

I have written several columns about why priests are only permitted three weekend Masses.  We currently have nineteen Masses on the weekends here in Niagara Falls and four priests allotted to us.  As most of you know, we will go from those nineteen Masses to twelve.  I realize this is quite the change but it is something we have to do.

This is going to be a bit of an adjustment for everyone but I think we will adapt quickly.  I have spoken to many of you on this and most are in agreement that this is for the best.  I also know that many of you a have some misgivings and concerns about this.  I also know that many of you are angry about it as well.  I certainly, understand this.  The Mass time you’re used to will most certainly be changed.  However, please be willing to give this a chance.

We saw a bit of a preview of this with the Feast of the Assumption last month.  We had a family schedule with full churches.  It was a blessing to be able to worship with so many people.  Keep that in mind as we go to a twelve Mass schedule.

When are we going to do it?  The new Mass schedule will be in place no later than the end of October.  The priests and the Liturgy Pillar Committee will work to develop it and put it in place.  I plan to give you at least three weeks to a month to prepare for it so nobody is surprised by the changes.  Also, no matter what church you place your parish envelope in your contribution will go to your parish.

Christ’s Peace,

Fr Jim Kirkpatrick